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A angry post about shipping

I love anime and video games. Don't we all? Most fandoms of things I enjoy sometimes go into this odd territory and honestly, it gets irritating. I want to talk a little about it.


I think it is one of the most annoying things to exist. A lot of things I watch, read, play and whatnot, there's always those certain people that always cares about who is banging who and have thread after thread of people fighting about it and talking about their morals.

Pretty Cure is an example of this sadly, as some people just using the anime for their weird lesbian fantasies rather than just enjoying an anime that is MADE FOR LITTLE GIRLS. It supposed to be simple and fun to watch and not supposed to be taken extremely serious. I enjoy it because it's just simply fun. I think this also applies to the Madoka Magica fandom in some way, even if the anime is for an older demographic.

Genshin Impact is the absolute WORST in this. People would try to dox each other, harass artists off Twitter, everything really... Just simply toxic and absurd behavior. What makes this all the more insane, is that it's all over headcanons and no character in the game has a canon sexuality, and it doesn't matter anyway. As of now, it's mostly irrelevant to the story. All if this chaos for literally nothing but their sexual fantasies.

VOCALOID has this issue for some reason, as people are NOW started to go apeshit about people shipping Miku and Luka together and calling the people who do so pedophiles. Even though this ship has been going for OVER TEN YEARS. There's simply no canon to VOCALOID in any sense of the word and you can even change their ages(for whatever you're creating) so this wouldn't be a problem. Then again, this is the VOCALOID fandom in 2022, so...

It just distracts from the actual content only makes one think about sex. Can these people understand that not everything's about romance and sex? Maybe the characters are friends? Family even? Come on. I don't think shipping is bad all the time. Hell, I do it myself on occasions. I just don't understand why people go nuts about it like their life depends on it... I think people should just enjoy the damn anime, game or whatever. At the end of the day, it's all fictional and doesn't even matter in real life. You're not going to lose your house because someone doesn't agree with your ship.

Posted on 2022/05/24