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My Thoughts With Tea Revisited: Pokemon Sword and Shield National Dex

Revisiting a topic about a Pokemon game

Thinking a lot about this subject for awhile now... Well, not really. This topic almost everywhere, and its unavoidable. While observing at both sides a bit more, I actually have mixed feelings on this. Why am I even writing this and knowing not a single soul gives a rat's ass? Because I want to I guess...

Seeing all the different reasons why people are upset, and all the reasons people accept it, I feel like all of this is a HUGE mess and I completely understand. It does come off as Game Freak being completely lazy, with their reason for removing them because of improving quality, when they are only using the same models from the 3DS games. "Balancing issues" is literally bullshit. They could just have specific rule-sets, rather than just... Removing the actually pokemon.

I have some mixed feelings about it. Im not the person who gets really upset about these kind of things, but I do feel disappointed in this. Like I said in my last post on this topic, Im not going to go fucking insane on this. To add to that, I have other problems in life that I need to worry about, so this doesn't really bother me a whole bunch.

I used to be furious about this, actually. I wasn't at all vocal about it, because that would be a waste of energy. And then recently, I try to accept it, but these feelings about this felt a bit too extreme for me. All I know is that GF fucked up, and I think they know that. A lot of people are pissed and, again, I completely understand. They are just cutting corners with a brand new game for their extremely successful hybrid console, and that, to me, comes off as extremely lazy and greedy. Like I said in my last post, I treasure almost every pokemon I ever caught(especially my Lugia), and not letting all of them make it into a brand new, highly anticipated game is just a really dumb move, in my honest opinion.

I hope they either delay the game(which I know they won't), or after release, they could patch the game entirely, or bits at a time. It doesn't matter, all it matters os that people, including me, want all of their favorite pokemon, and that means all of them.

I hope you read this far. If you do, thank you. This is just revisiting a topic I did before. So, if you did enjoy this little... Rant, then I appreciate it.

Thanks for Reading
Posted on 2019/06/??