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My Thoughts With Tea: Pokemon Sword and Shield National Dex

Don't know what to put here lol

I'll probably going to keep it brief and just say what I think about all this.

Apparently, the people at Game Freak, the developers of the pokemon games, announced at E3 that there will not be containing every pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield(only a selected amount of them available in the Galar Dex) and future games because there's already 1000+ pokemon, including forms. It would be too much work to code all of them in one game (or two... Because pokemon). Another reason said there will be balancing issues, and they also will be removing mega evolutions and Z-moves, to go back to its original battle system.

There is some massive outrage from this and people are even canceling their preorders for the game and making #BringBackNationalDex trending on twitter for awhile now...

Im going to get some hate for this either way regardless, but, as much as I would love to have every pokemon I like in the game, I still don't mind them making this decision. There's already too many pokemon, and coding them all(no pun) will cause them to have to delay the games, meaning they also have to delay everything with it (Anime, TCG, etc.) and doing this will lower their sales... Maybe... Maybe not... But I think it will lower their sales.

To be genuinely honest, I do feel upset about this in some way. At first, I was even mad. Then I realize, its just a game. Its not the end of the world. Almost all the pokemon I catch has some sentimental value, and I cherished them through every game I buy, but that doesn't mean I should go full fucking insanity and rage about it. I love mega evolution to death, it was epic when I first saw them years ago when they debut in Pokemon X and Y(I was 13 or 14 at the time), I was upset about it being removed too, but that doesn't mean I should be enraged about it.

I know some of my favorites will get cut from the games, but I know I can't have everything I want. That's life. So its best to just deal with the adjustments they made. It still looks like a good game anyway, so I'm still excited for it. And guess what, they're not gone forever, they are just not in these games, they'll probably going to be available in the rumored Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes.

If you read this far, thank you. I really appreciate it. :)

This is also the first post to my series called "My Thoughts With Tea", where I express my opinions on things that are either trending, or mostly, just on my mind.

Also, I'm still team Scorbunny, fight me

Thanks for Reading
Posted on 2019/06/19