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My Thoughts With Tea: The Internet

Angrily talking about the internet

Hi there! I'm DazzleBlitz again, and its time for a new post!

Im going to talk about something people go on pretty much everyday, the internet.

The internet is a weird alternative world where all kinds of shit could happen. From seeing something cool or funny on Youtube, to finding horrible or stupid things that makes you want to take a break for a while, like 4chan or parts of reddit.

To me, the internet is an odd mixed bag. I have interesting and fun experiences, and other times bad experiences.

The internet is useful for me. Like every normal person, I use it to research things. Like references for drawing, like poses and other basic stuff. Or go shopping online, or watch videos to pass time. I used to also use social sites to talk to people online, and that's when everything goes from fun to stress inducing really quick...

Now, before I say anything, not all online people are horrible people that are there to just hurt others, but there are some that do. Im not assuming everyone is evil here, but...

The internet is kind of a hellhole when it comes to websites like amino, reddit, 4chan, tumblr, and discord(there's many more...). Pretty much places where drama is like a ticking bomb just waiting to explode and cause a horrible mess.

There are times where people can bully and harass you because of you race, gender, sexuality, etc. And when you try to defend yourself and tell them to stop, you'll be called an SJW, because fuck your self-esteem, right? And also, you know, politics are a big thing these days, and spreads to everyone like the horrible plaque. Having your own opinion is like a sin for some reason, and people having a mentality on the internet where you either with or against them, or a left or a right whatever... and most of the time, I don't give a shit lol. Politics aren't my thing...

There are people out there who picks on people with mental struggles, even when they are crying for help, which is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I have mental struggles myself and this happened to me once or twice before. Seeing this happen to an innocent person is disgusting. I have nothing else to say about that... Because the word "disgusting" is the perfect term besides "vile". What's worse, is that no one would care about anything unless tragedy happens, and then people would start giving a shit...

There's just so much on the internet that's so upsetting, but people get away with awful things because anonymity, and that sucks...

But the internet can be an amazing passtime, you can meet awesome people that have the same interests you have, and be in amazing communities, and learn cool things. Its just there are always bad in almost anything if you think and dwell it, and its best to look at the bright side is things.

Well, I hope you enjoy reading whatever this is... Rant...?

Yeah, rant...

What do you think about the internet? Make sure to comment!

Thanks for reading!

My Thoughts With Tea: The Internet
Posted on 2019/07/14