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Listing My Favorite VocalSynth Producers Part 2

Another list of my favorite producers who create VOCALOID music

(I already post this as a blog post on my profile, but I want to post it here too)

I forgot to update/create a new post about my favorite producers or just some good ones that are worth looking into.

Flanger Moose- This is a really good western producer that is really good with english voicebanks. My favorites are with IA English, like DIVE, or Mirage. I also recommend Blindsided sung by Eleanor Forte and Thousand Little Voices sung by Miku.

HachioujiP- I really like his work. His style reminds me of Livetune. I know everyone knows this producer and most of their songs, but I really like Fake Doll(Miku), VIRTUAL COMPLEX(Miku), and Beautiful Nightmare(Luka), and Desktop Cinderella(Miku). I like more of their songs, but people probably have already listened to them.

Yuyoyuppe- Their work is just amazing to not put them on any list. Their instrumentals are absolutely awesome and can listen to them without vocals. The sound of their music is also somewhat nostalgic to me. I recommend all of their music, but I personally adore Palette, 7/8, and Tell Your World(I am listening to it as I type and its sounds amazing!).

whoo- I really their music, sometimes it sounds relaxing and sometimes it sounds more energetic. Something about their work makes me feel a certain way, and not in a negative way. A surreal, nostalgic feeling I can't really describe. I recommend the album Terra. I absolutely love it <3 I also recommend the song Fines as well.

I will create another post eventually with more producers/songs.

Listing My favorite VocalSynth Producers Part 2
Posted on 2021/08/08

I also like another producer named FatmanP, just because of this song:


Sadly, they already retired a while ago