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Listing My Favorite VocalSynth Producers

A list of my favorite producers who create VOCALOID music

I already made this a a forum post in the Vocalsynth group, but I'm going to add my list to my Art blog too.

Vocalsynth Group: https://groups.spacehey.com/vocalsynths

Wowaka, his style is really unique in the Vocaloid community. I miss him :(. I really like his more unpopular ones like Boku No Sainou, or Line Art. I recommend those if you already listened to the more popular ones. (I can’t find links to the remastered ones, they sound better than the original versions)

DECO*27, mostly his older music. His new music is good, but doesn’t have the charm of his older ones tbh… Maybe its just my nostalgia lol. I like Ai Kotoba, Mozaik Role, Two Breaths Walking, Yowamushi Mont Blanc, and Chocolate Beats to name a few.

Keeno, I like how he uses Miku Dark Append, and his music just sounds beautiful. I recommend all his songs.

Heavenz, I simply love his style of music, the song Round Around is a really good one I recommend besides Strangers of course.

Easypop, his songs are just fun to listen to, Happy Synthesizer is really nostalgic to me. I also really like My Room Disco Night a lot. It does gives a bit of 90s vibes.

AVtechNO!, I think their songs are what really makes me love and appreciate techno more than I used to. I recommend pretty much all their songs to check out.

Listing My favorite VocalSynth Producers
Posted on 2021/08/??