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I Lost Interest in VOCALOID

Just talking about how I stopped enjoying something that I loved for almost ten years

[I would add this to my blog on my website, but I don't want to fill it with angry rambling like this, so I'm posting this here. If people don't like this post, good for you. Leave. I have a right to express my disappointment with things. If you're just going to mindlessly insult me, then I think it's best to walk away. Not everything here is factual and only by my experience.]

VOCALOID was a big part of my preteen and teen years. I enjoyed a lot of the music many people created. From a simple and goofy song like PoPiPo to a song with a story like Just Be Friends. A song was even created based on only an image! Many creators invented many stories with the characters that were simply just blank canvases just waiting to be used for any idea. Stories like Kagerou Project or the Evil Chronicles, these stories and projects were created thanks to simply a piece of software.

Sadly, over the years, VOCALOID, UTAU and many others in the similar sphere became normalized, and we all know what happens to any piece of media that becomes normalized and known to many. It starts to attract the worst people and end up having a toxic or just simply a terrible fandom that often will have political undertones, people trying to cancel each other over a ship that they don't like, or obsessively kinning a character to the point of being offended if someone kins the same character or talk bad about the same character. Genshin Impact comes to mind, it was just a game in closed beta, and when it was officially released and eventually became popular, it started to have a crappy fandom.

I remember VOCALOID as a fandom not being like what it is now. It used to be people just drawing the characters and posting them on an image sharing website like PIXIV or DeviantART, or writing their ideas of the characters' personalities and posting them on any website where the fandom hangs out on, like FanFiction, FanPop, or a community forum. Sure, it's still somewhat like this now, but 99% of the time, people back then where mostly there just for the music and artwork that people create.

Now? People always use Miku for their own bitterness, political commentary or malice, like the so-called meme, "Miku made Minecraft". Probably the worst "meme" out there, simply because the creator of said game said something that I completely forgotten about(and don't care) and completely ripped the creator from his own creation, saying that Notch didn't created it, Miku did. The same happened to J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter, I don't remember what she said or even care for that matter. If someone were to do that to me with my passion projects, giving credit to a fictional character out of malice because their feelings were hurt, I'll be livid. Those people need to focus on getting therapy and better themselves than discrediting a creator from their own hard work over a comment. I don't like VivziePop, but I wouldn't go around and say that Spongebob created Helluva Boss, would I? Of course not, because I'm not stupid. One can simply enjoy the art without thinking of the artist. It isn't that hard...

I feel like VOCALOID, UTAU, and everything related has lost its true meaning to me. It's not really being used for creativity a lot anymore, at least from my eyes. What I see, is people using it as a mouthpiece for their own politics. The whole "Miku says trans rights", or drawing Miku black(which, as a black person myself, offends me), or saying she's trans and lesbian without being creative about it and only doing that to insert themselves. I don't think VOCALOID or anything of it is the best for things like this. She's not supposed to be used for political commentary or campaigns and it even goes against the terms of use for the Crypton characters, but I'm not sure if this changed in the past 10 years.

I don't know, I feel like something went missing over the years. VOCALOID as a whole just lost itself... I'm not sure about the Japanese side of the community, as I'm not good with reading or speaking Japanese, so I can't say anything about that.

(Yes, I still call it "VOCALOID". Calling it "Vocalsynth" sounds stupid to me...)

I Lost Interest in VOCALOID
Posted on 2022/05/09