Dazzling Archives

Welcome to My Archive!

Here's is the archives that weren't uploaded to my main website because I don't want to increase the total size of my website and don't want to bloat it.

Over time, this place will be filled with things I created throughout the years. I wanted to create a single place to store everything instead of hosting them everywhere to the point it's hard to find things myself. This will be more convenient for me.


  • ❥ All original art and projects are created by me and no one is allowed to use my original content in any way.
  • ❥ Overlay edits are created by me. No one is allowed to use them without my permission.
  • ❥ All written content(blog posts, original stories or fan fiction) is created by me and in no way is allowed to be used without my written permission.

    Archived blog posts and original stories
    Changed layout and added content
    Website went live