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In the past, i created A LOT of fan written content, mostly when I was a kid. The things I written from past to present will be archived here. Also including content that's already on my main website for completion.

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Written Work: 2010s

An Eevee's Adventure

Former Title: Eeveelutions, Starlight-Eeveelutions

Rating: All Ages

Date: October of 2011- May 30th, 2013

Summary: An eeveelution family moved to a new city called Teasure Town where Starlight, the youngest of the family meets new friends that is a bulbasaur, a torchic, a flygon, and a riolu at an exploration school. Creating an expration team called "Team Mystical" and go on many adventures.

Status: Indefinite Hiatus(This was lost content until I found it on 4/24/2022. So far, I only found Book 1.)

Read full series here!

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Website: Here

Unknown word count


Written Work: 2000s

As of right now, I don't have that many written content that's from this point in time, as most of the stuff I've written have been lost to time. If I'm wrong and find more to put here, I will.

Rival Girls

Rating: Teens and up

Date: May of 2008, rewritten in September of 2010

Summary: This is an old and my first fanwritten series I created back in 2008 when I was only 8 years old. IT's about Amy and Sally's rivalry(more like enemies) to win over Sonic's heart. This series original had al least 4 parts to this story with each having 8 chapters at the least. I've written this under the "Emily" alias at the time.

Status: Indefinite Hiatus(All other parts after 1 are forever lost to time.)

Read full series here!(coming soon)

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2,374 words (only part 1)